Authenic Learning Classrooms

How can video conferencing help teachers develop an authentic learning classroom?
Authentic learning is a means of helping students to become more than just a receptacle for facts and information.  Video conferencing technology now makes it possible for students to interact with experts, thus providing real-world conversational and authentic learning experiences.    

Where do I locate an "expert" in Louisiana?
Experts are everywhere! The problem is finding a directory of names and contact information of Louisiana experts with video conference equipment and interested in sharing their knowledge with K-12 students.

Imagine, having access to a database of Louisiana "experts" willing to share their knowledge with your students via video conferencing.

Imagine, jazzing up a boring PowerPoint presentation research assignment by requiring your students to present to an audience via video conferencing in another state or country.

How does the LaDLA plan to coordinate the database of Louisiana experts?
The LaDLA has created a forum for teachers and community leaders to share and locate "experts" willing to video conference with Louisiana students.

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